Australia Denies Asylum Seekers.

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Australia was found guilty of breaking 150 violation of international law over the detention of refugees.

Campaign Manager Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Pamela Curr said, “No western nation has a system where by law a person seeking asylum should be locked up.”

Liberal MP on the Liberal Party’s asylum seeker policy Andrew Robb said that refugee boats should be stopped and that is the objective…. “We need to be able to control who come here and under what circumstances.”

Ms Curr said Australia is a country of migrants and many of those migrants do not have a country to go back to.

Mr Robb said it is a crisis that $2billion dollars was spent on the costs of dealing with asylum seekers. Ms Curr said, “Its not a crisis of numbers it’s a crisis of will.”

Monash University politics lecturer and media commentator Waleed Aly said, Labor’s policy was that if migrants come here, they will be sent back and there are other ways to enter Australia.

Ms Curr said, “We signed the Refugee Convention to assist those claims, and if people are in deed found to be refugees, to accept them to live in this country.”

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